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Kuwait University’s Decision Sparks Controversy Over Student Mixing in Lectures

The controversy over the cancellation of student mixing in lecture halls at Kuwait University has escalated, sparking debates among lawmakers, students, and civil society activists. MP Mohammad Hayef quoted Education Minister Adel Al Manea as supporting the decision to eliminate registration for mixed lectures, a move that has divided opinions. In 2015, the Constitutional Court ruled in favor of co-education, emphasizing that separation could be achieved by providing designated seating for males and females in lecture halls. This recent decision by the minister has prompted student groups to organize protests, collect signatures for academic independence, and even consider legal action to challenge the decision. On the other hand, some lawmakers have cautioned against reversing the decision, emphasizing that doing so would constitute a breach of promise and accountability for failing to uphold the law. The controversy has also raised concerns among civil society activists who view it as a setback to freedoms in Kuwait.

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