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Bahrain’s Basketball Team Ranks Second Among GCC Nations After 15-Place Leap

Bahrain’s senior men’s national basketball team has achieved a significant milestone by rising 15 places to 69th in the latest edition of the FIBA World Ranking. This remarkable progress reflects the team’s recent outstanding performance in the Asian pre-qualifiers for the Paris Olympic Games 2024.

During the pre-qualifiers, held in Damascus just last month, Bahrain’s national team demonstrated their dominance by securing victories against formidable opponents such as Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, hosts Syria, Indonesia, and India. This successful campaign earned Bahrain a spot in the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments, a historic achievement for the team.

Bahrain’s surge in the FIBA rankings is a testament to their dedication, skill, and teamwork. The players’ impressive performance not only brings pride to Bahrain but also strengthens their position in the global basketball community.

Looking ahead, Bahrain’s national team is poised to compete in the Hangzhou Asian Games in China, commencing later this month. They are placed in Group C for the preliminary round, alongside teams from the Philippines, Jordan, and Thailand. This presents another opportunity for Bahrain to showcase their talent on an international stage and further elevate their standing in Asian basketball.

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