Billionaire Walmart heiress’s yacht vandalized by climate activists

Two climate activists vandalized a superyacht reportedly belonging to Nancy Walton Laurie in Ibiza on July 16, blasting the stern with red and black paint.

The pair defaced the yacht, which is estimated to be worth $300 million, with fire extinguishers and after held up a sign that read “You consume, others suffer.” They are part of Futuro Vegetal, a Spanish environmental group that aims to fight climate change. The ship is called Kaos and is part of the Walmart heiress’s $7.8 billion dollar estate. She ranks 305 on the Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

“The richest 1% of the world population pollutes more than the poorest 50%,” the activists are heard saying in the video. “They are destroying our planet, compromising its habitability, all to lead a completely unreasonable lifestyle.”

The activists were detained and released on Monday, the organization tweeted. According to their social media, they were charged with inflicting damage and spent 18 hours in the custody of the Civil Guard. The group complained that the authorities had very few plant-based options, so the detainees could not eat much.

Futuro Vegetal did not respond immediately to request for comment and they asked us to leave a Zoom call intended for new recruits

Built in 2017, the yacht sails under a Jamaica flag and was last seen on Tuesday at Port Soller in Majorca, Spain, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. It is 110.1 meters (361ft) and weighs 4,523 tons, as well as can host 34 guests. According to Superyacht Times, it has a helipad, a beach club and a jacuzzi. Its sleek, minimalist design with curvy balconies creates a stunning illusion of extra decks and appears long and lean.

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