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Kuwait Ministry of Interior Introduces Guidelines for Vehicle Color Changes

In a move to align with international standards and ensure proper documentation, Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior has unveiled guidelines for residents seeking to change the color of their vehicles. This three-step process aims to regulate and monitor color modifications:

1. Initial Approval: Vehicle owners must first visit the International Standards Section of the Technical Inspection Department to obtain preliminary approval for the desired color change. During this step, individuals are required to pledge their commitment to the chosen color.

2. Color Change Process: Once initial approval is secured, owners can approach authorized workshops proficient in the color modification process. This step ensures that the alteration is executed professionally and in accordance with specified standards.

3. Final Approval: Following the color modification, a final inspection takes place at the International Standards Section of the Technical Inspection Department. Here, the new vehicle color will be verified, leading to the issuance of an updated car registration.

The ministry has issued a stern warning against workshops and garages altering vehicle colors without prior approval from the Traffic Department. Non-compliance may result in substantial fines of up to 500 KD, imposed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. These measures are introduced to uphold regulatory standards and maintain proper documentation of vehicle modifications.

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