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Streamlining Visa Revocation: Kuwait Introduces New Computerized Service

New rules concerning work permits for foreign nationals have been made by the Public Authority for Manpower, and they notably address changes to personal information such as name, date of birth, and nationality. Direct changes to this information on work permits are no longer permitted. Employers (Sponsors) requesting such modifications must instead adhere to a certain process.

Within two weeks of the work permit’s issuing date, employers must submit an application through the Ashal service to cancel the employee’s current visa in order to make changes. They must then go to the Ministry of Interior to update the worker’s database information and submit an application for a new work permit. The Public Authority for Manpower and the Ministry of the Interior worked together to create this project.

Its principal objective is to prevent fraud and the hiring of individuals from nations whose work permit programs are prohibited or suspended.

In addition to these improvements, the administration has also introduced a new computerized service that enables the revocation of visit visas for foreign employees. The “canceling the work visa” option, the necessary application information, and a data validation statement are all available for users to access through the authority’s electronic forms online. This service intends to increase operational efficiency by streamlining the termination of visas.

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