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Security Expert: Kuwait Launches Vigorous Campaign to Deport Residency Law Violators

“Violators of the residency law will be cornered, and inspection campaigns will not stop to arrest and deport them,” a security expert said. The presence of such violators on Kuwaiti land would not be tolerated, according to the Al-Qabas newspaper. The source said in a press release that “The train of security campaigns has started and will not stop. As there is no facility for residence infringers in Kuwait, it won’t prevent inspections from taking place at a site, including raids on farms, pens, deserts, and abandoned regions. A three-pronged strategy was developed to apprehend people who violate residence laws, consisting of executing spontaneous campaigns, keeping an eye on marginal employees, and assembling specialist security teams to find those who are hiding. As a result, in two years there is no residency violators.

The source said that the directives given by Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, stated the importance of pursuing residents and undocumented employees round-the-clock in order to purge the labor market and expel those who do not adhere to the rules of the nation. He reaffirmed that there would be zero tolerance for those who break the law and that security efforts against illegal immigrants and marginal employees would continue in all regions of the nation on a greater scale and with a different strategy than in past years.

The source declared, “We are serious about fighting to combat illegal employees and those who violate residence laws. Due to their disregard for the law, we won’t let them work. At the same time, we warmly welcome everyone who wants to alter their status and meets the legal requirements. The security agencies will treat everyone who approaches them with the utmost respect. The security campaigns that were conducted in the majority of the nation during the previous period were an execution of the security plan that was created, as a security cordon was imposed on those areas to monitor all residents who were breaking the residency law, as well as marginal workers and those who were reported to be fleeing.

The developed security plan depended on dispersing security personnel over the whole nation to scrutinize citizens’ identification documents in marketplaces and stores. These campaigns to round up all violators will continue to be conducted everywhere. The source confirmed the ongoing coordination with the appropriate state authorities to carry out the plan to change the demographic composition and give Kuwaitization the highest priority, along with the security plan to rid the nation of the phenomena of visa-trade and random labor, and announced the closure of hundreds of false businesses and the punishment of their owners over the previous period.

He mentioned streamlining the deportation proceedings for people who turn themselves in to the Ministry of Interior since they would be sent back to their home country within four days of finishing the process. The source stated that “the security campaign plan depends on the elements of surprise, firmness, and speed of action to pursue violators, after extensive closures of the area being raided”, adding that this plan led to the arrest of numerous violators and marginal workers and prevented their escape from the site.

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