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Saudi Arabia Affirms Commitment to Humanitarian Aid and Middle East Peace

Eng. Waleed Al-Khereiji, deputy minister of foreign affairs for Saudi Arabia, highlighted that the country has never shied away from using all of its resources to advance humanitarian goals. “The Kingdom has provided more than $95 billion in humanitarian aid over the past 70 years, benefiting 160 countries around the world, making it at the forefront of donor countries for humanitarian and development aid,” he added.

Al-Khereiji made the comments while attending the 160th regular session of the Council of the Arab League at the league’s headquarters in Cairo on behalf of Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan.

He reaffirmed the Kingdom’s emphasis on the necessity of Middle East peace, which is the Arab countries’ preferred course of action from a strategic standpoint, and the significance of encouraging quick negotiations to find a just and comprehensive solution that satisfies the aspirations of the Palestinian people in accordance with international resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative. He emphasized the Kingdom’s criticism of the attacks, independent activities, and ongoing provocations by the Israeli occupation forces that threaten the peace process.

Al-Khereiji reaffirmed the support of the Kingdom for Syria’s re-admission into the Arab family, highlighting the good effects this will have on efforts to end the crisis there and bring peace to the country as well as the wider region. He emphasized the Kingdom’s support for all efforts to find a political solution to the Syrian issue that upholds Syria’s unity, security, stability, and Arab identity. He reiterated the Kingdom’s call for the expulsion of armed foreign militias and foreign forces from Syria.

As it relates to Sudan, Al-Khereiji stated that the Kingdom expresses its grave worry over the suspension of negotiations aimed at putting an end to the violence and establishing a long-term peace.

To the third session of the ministerial conference for the Arab-Japanese political dialogue, Al-Khereiji also served as the leader of the Saudi delegation on behalf of Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Faisal bin Farhan. The Arab League headquarters was the location of the conference between the foreign ministers of the Arab and Japanese parties. Both the Japanese and the Arab sides were led by their respective foreign ministers: Yoshimasa Hayashi of Japan and Sameh Shoukry of Egypt.

Al-Khereiji stated in his address that the Kingdom hopes to develop Arab-Japanese collaboration to new heights in a number of areas. Creating a secure, prosperous, and peaceful Middle East that inspires hope for a brighter future for everyone was important, he said. There is “widespread agreement with Japan regarding the significance of establishing peace, encouraging negotiated solutions, and strengthening security, stability, and development,” the official added.

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