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New Regulations: Expats in Kuwait Must Settle Bills for Residency Renewal

Before their residency permits may be renewed, foreigners must pay whatever bills they owe to the government, the Ministry of Interior explained in a statement posted to social media.On Sunday, September 10, the new regulations will take effect right away.The Acting Prime Minister and Interior Minister, Sheikh Talal Khalid Al-Ahmad Al Sabah, issued the guidelines that serve as the foundation for the new residence regulations.To recover money owed to the state, the nation has been toughening up on expat debt by establishing a number of new regulations.

Expats in Kuwait are currently subject to new travel restrictions that require them to pay their outstanding phone, power, water, and transportation fees before they may leave the country for any reason. An addition to the list is updating residence permits. After they have made any outstanding payments, foreign nationals in the country will be eligible to amend or renew their residence paperwork.

The Ministry of Interior stated that foreign nationals who want to extend their residency must first settle their bills using the Sahl mobile application or the websites of official government organizations. In addition, it urged everyone to follow the new laws and warned that it would not hold back from taking more measures to preserve the nation’s security and peace.

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