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Kuwait Shifts to Digital Driver’s Licences for Expatriates, Phases Out Physical Cards

In a move toward digital transformation, the Interior Ministry of Kuwait has announced the discontinuation of issuing physical driver’s licences for expatriates starting from December 10, 2023. Instead, expatriates will now rely on digital licences accessible through the Kuwait Mobile ID app. The digital driver’s licence will be valid for one year, and its renewal can be conveniently completed through the Sahel app or the ministry’s official website.

The new regulation applies to most expatriates, but there are exceptions. Family drivers holding Article 20 visas and international cargo truck drivers are exempt from the requirement to possess a digital licence only. The ministry emphasized the importance of checking the validity of the licence through the Mobile ID app, where a green colour indicates an active and valid licence, while red signals an invalid status.

Moreover, the announcement clarified that when expatriates travel, they can use licences issued by the relevant authorities in their respective countries, ensuring a smooth transition for those who may require documents for international travel.

This digital shift aligns with Kuwait’s broader efforts to modernize and streamline administrative processes, providing a more efficient and accessible system for expatriates to manage their driver’s licences. The convenience of digital renewal through mobile applications reflects a growing trend globally, aiming to reduce reliance on physical documents and enhance the overall efficiency of administrative procedures.

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