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Kuwait Introduces Residence Transfer Service for Domestic Workers

The Ministry of Interior in Kuwait has launched a residence transfer service for domestic workers, allowing them to move from one sponsor to another. The service is initially applicable to female domestic workers under Article 20 of Kuwait’s residency regulations, with plans to extend it to male workers in the next phase.

  1. Service Launch: The residence transfer service is facilitated through the unified government application “Sahel” in collaboration between the General Administration of Information Systems and the Nationality and Residence Affairs Sector.
  2. Initial Phase: The service is initially specific to female domestic workers under Article 20. Subsequently, it will be extended to cover the transfer of residency for male workers under the same article.
  3. Process Overview: The process begins with the worker’s current sponsor initiating the transaction through the Sahel application. The new sponsor completes the transfer procedures after receiving a notification through the application.
  4. Contract Requirement: The Ministry emphasizes the necessity of having a new employment contract between the domestic worker and the new sponsor as part of the transfer. This ensures clarity and legal documentation in the employment relationship.
  5. Eligibility Criteria: The new sponsor must meet certain criteria, including Kuwaiti nationality, being married, at least 18 years old, and having no obstacles in the relationship between the sponsor and the worker being transferred.

This initiative aims to streamline and regulate the transfer of domestic workers between sponsors, providing a more transparent and efficient process. It aligns with efforts to enhance the governance of domestic worker employment and residency arrangements in Kuwait.

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