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South Al Batinah Governorate in Oman Prepares for Winter Tourism

The Governorate of South Al Batinah in Oman is gearing up to attract tourists from both within and outside the country during the winter season, which runs from October to April. Al Muatasem bin Nasser Al-Hilali, Director of the Department of Heritage and Tourism in the South Al Batinah Governorate, expects a boost in tourism activity during this season. The efforts to promote the tourism sector involve various government institutions, including the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, which engages in promotion, marketing, and participation in local and international exhibitions.

The South Al Batinah Governorate boasts unique heritage and tourism components distributed across its wilayats (districts). These components include beaches, mountains, valleys, water springs, plains, desert sands, ancient historic sites, and cultural landmarks like castles, forts, falaj (traditional irrigation system), mosques, and archaeological houses. The governorate offers diverse tourist sites such as Khibat Al-Jaadan and Ramlet Al-Abyad in the Wilayat of Nakhal, attracting visitors interested in local and international four-wheel-drive racing.

Winter camps set up during the season allow tourists to experience the desert atmosphere. The valleys in the governorate, many of which have water and waterfalls, become added attractions. Tourists looking for rest and relaxation during the winter season are drawn to the heritage and green inns scattered throughout the villages and wilayats. The region also features high-altitude villages with low temperatures, seasonal agricultural crops, and mountain trails. The South Al Batinah Governorate has 31 green inns that utilize agricultural lands for tourism purposes, emphasizing cleanliness, service quality, and green spaces. Heritage lodges, preserving traditional architectural character, provide accommodation for tourists, contributing to the conservation of Oman’s architectural heritage.

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