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Seasonal Flu Outbreak Prompts Temporary Shift to Online Learning in Saudi Schools

Six Schools in Central Saudi Arabia Implement Remote Classes Following Spike in Seasonal Infections

Education authorities in central Saudi Arabia have taken proactive measures in response to a seasonal flu outbreak by ordering a three-day suspension of in-person classes in six schools. The affected schools, located in Al Mithnab governorate, part of Al Qassim, transitioned to online teaching starting Tuesday. This decision comes after an alert from health authorities in Northern Kharma regarding a surge in viral infections among students and educators.

The affected schools are currently undergoing thorough sterilization procedures, with plans to resume in-person classes on Sunday. The viral outbreak, deemed seasonal in nature, led to approximately 140 reported cases on the initial day, followed by an additional 70 cases on the subsequent day. The total number of infections among students and teachers is estimated at around 300.

Health authorities in Al Qassim have reassured the public, emphasizing that the outbreak is a seasonal occurrence and not a cause for significant concern. The decision to suspend in-person classes is a precautionary measure to curb further spread.


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