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Saudi Arabia Introduces Pet-Friendly Public Transport and Fines System

In a significant move, Saudi Arabia’s Transport General Authority has announced that passengers can now bring their small pets on board public transport, provided they are placed in designated boxes and do not pose safety risks. The decision is part of a detailed mechanism outlining the rights and obligations of public transport users. The kingdom has also introduced fines of up to SR500 for 55 violations, including carrying items emitting unpleasant odours, fare evasion, and not presenting a valid ticket when requested.

The regulations apply to users of buses, trains, metros, and ships. The carrier is required to maintain a list of prohibited items approved by the authority and make it available to passengers. Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility are given priority, with entitlement to services, exemptions, or reduced ticket prices as determined by the Transport General Authority. They can request assistance for boarding or disembarking, and carriers must allow the reservation of two adjacent seats for passengers with disabilities and their companions.

The regulations also emphasize providing clear information to passengers about their rights, including instructions on submitting complaints. Passengers with visual impairments are allowed to bring approved service animals on board, provided they do not pose a danger or disrupt safety. The comprehensive regulations aim to ensure a safe, comfortable, and inclusive public transportation experience for all passengers in Saudi Arabia.

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