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Omani Trail Running Champions Conquer UTMB Mont Blanc, Leave Their Mark in History

As they overcame the difficult obstacles of the 2023 UTMB Mont Blanc, Omani trail running champions Hamed al Harthi, Hamdan al Khatri, Mohammed al Shizawi, and Issa al Abri engraved their names in history. The world of trail running was forever changed by these trailblazers, who set out on a path that required courage and perseverance.

Abri, a force to be reckoned with, competed in the similarly challenging CCC race, a staggering 100km of hard trails. Harthi, Khatri, and Shizawi took on the difficult goal of completing the UTMB Mont Blanc route, a remarkable 171km of dangerous terrain.

Harthi emphasized the honor they felt in representing Oman in the UTMB Mont Blanc on an international scale while speaking on behalf of the squad. A momentous moment for the trail running community in Oman, Harthi’s completion of the UTMB event was more than simply a personal accomplishment. Harthi, who is proud of his feat, said, “Completing the UTMB symbolizes the tremendous devotion of Oman’s trail runners. This collective success highlights the tenacity and commitment of our athletes on the global trail racing stage.

In response to the challenging race, he continued, “My UTMB adventure proved to be quite taxing. I typically call this competition “the mother of all trail races”! Given the lengthy climbs required, the extreme cold and high altitude provide difficult challenges. A determined emphasis on nutrition was necessary to persist over the last kilometers, which presented an enormous challenge.

Prior to the race, Khatri experienced a setback as a result of a recent injury, but his unyielding spirit persevered. At Lac Combal, he left at 11:41:51. “My goal was to advance my skills and expertise at a steady rate without going beyond my capabilities. I eventually had to call it off, but the process has been a tremendous learning curve, and I eagerly anticipate the next challenge

As they passed the finish line, cheers praised the perseverance and accomplishments of the Omani competitors. Harthi completed the 171 km race in 46:12:01, placing him 26th overall in his category. In 44:11:10, Shizawi finished the difficult course. Abri finished the CCC race in 21:45:17 like the other competitors did.

The Himam Trail Run Race team’s constant help, which included providing essential planning and technical support, enhanced these competitors’ adventure. Its partnership with sportsmen like Sultan al Shereiqi, Ali al Balushi, and Ahmed al Fahdi serves as an example of how teamwork may help athletes reach their full potential.

Jim Walmsley and Courtney Dauwalter of the USA won the 2023 UTMB Mont Blanc, the ultimate trail running competition, demonstrating the competition’s international prestige. This year, the event evolved into the UTMB World Series Finals, going beyond a simple race to become a global festival of running culture. A variety of races and encounters that have grown through time were offered, bringing together athletes from all over the world, during the event, which took place from August 28 to September 3. The festival-like atmosphere perfectly encapsulated the essence of the endurance challenge.

The champions of Omani trail running are undertaking a gigantic project that fits with the sport’s growing popularity in Oman. A increasing group of trail runners who like nature’s difficulties are being supported by the sultanate, which is blessed with stunning surroundings. The Al Hajar Mountains, a spectacular range that spans more than 700 kilometers over the northeastern Arabian Peninsula, offer a perfect playground for path aficionados.

As their UTMB trip comes to an end, the competitors look ahead to the forthcoming Himam Trail Run Race, which will take place from November 23 to 25, 2023.

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