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Oman Records Surge in Certificates of Origin for Local Products


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The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion (MoCIIp) in Oman has issued an impressive tally of over 47,000 certificates of origin for locally-produced goods during the first half of this year. These certificates facilitate the export of Omani products to various international markets, including Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Arab nations, EFTA countries, and the Republic of Singapore.

Statistics released by the MoCIIp highlight the significant impact of these certificates on bolstering the export sector. The breakdown indicates that during the first half of the year, 40,177 certificates were issued for local products destined for GCC countries, followed by 7,381 certificates for Arab countries, 83 for EFTA nations, and 95 for Singapore.

Certificates of origin cover a wide range of products, including those in the agricultural, animal, industrial, and natural resources sectors. Notably, certificates destined for GCC countries are facilitated through the “Invest Easy” electronic portal. This platform streamlines the export process for investors, factories, and Omani companies, effectively reducing bureaucratic hurdles and expediting export procedures.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion encourages a diverse range of stakeholders, including Omani entrepreneurs, owners of small and medium enterprises, investors (both Omani and non-Omani), craftsmen, and productive families, to leverage these certificates and benefit from the economic and free trade agreements in place between Oman and its international partners.

Of particular note is the significance of certificates of origin in granting Omani products preferential treatment in target markets. These certificates serve as a testament to the authenticity and quality of locally-produced goods, leading to benefits such as customs duty exemptions in accordance with bilateral agreements.

The surge in certificates of origin exemplifies Oman’s dedication to fostering a robust export sector and promoting its homegrown industries on the global stage. This positive trend is expected to continue, further solidifying Oman’s position as a key player in the international trade landscape.

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