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Oman Prepares for National Day Holidays with Surging Staycation Bookings

Oman is abuzz with excitement as the National Day holidays approach, set to take place from Wednesday, November 22, to Saturday, November 25, 2023. Staycation bookings are on the rise, with hotels and resorts experiencing a significant increase in reservations and eagerly gearing up to welcome guests.

Leading travel agents have reported that a majority of citizens and residents have already secured plans for a mini-vacation during the upcoming National Day holidays. Staycation offers have become increasingly popular, with advantages including lower budgets compared to international travel, as there are no expenses on flights and visas. Additionally, staycations allow individuals to explore the abundant local tourist attractions in Oman.

Omanis and residents are opting for staycations amid rising travel costs and challenges in obtaining visas for international destinations, a trend observed by travel industry professionals. Al Jabal Al Akhdar is emerging as a sought-after destination, with hotels in the Al Dakhiliyah Governorate experiencing a healthy influx of visitors.

Jagdeep Thakral, General Manager of Naseem dusitD2 Naseem Resort, Jabal Akhdar, noted a bustling weekend with increased bookings for the National Day holidays. Elaborate arrangements have been made to ensure guests enjoy a relaxed and fulfilling break amidst the stunning backdrop of Al Hajar Mountains.

Seema Pankaj, a long-time resident, looks forward to spending a couple of days in the mountain city, choosing Naseem dusitD2 Naseem Resort in Al Jabal Al Akhdar. She anticipates relishing the cool mountain climate and engaging in activities at the Adventure Park.

The National Day holidays are expected to see a surge in domestic tourism, with residents and citizens exploring local destinations and contributing to the flourishing hospitality sector in Oman.

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