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Ancient Kingdoms Festival in AlUla Celebrates Rich Heritage and History

The Ancient Kingdoms Festival has returned to AlUla, offering a two-week celebration of the region’s rich history and heritage. Organized by AlUla Moments, the festival, running until December 2, presents a diverse program featuring cultural celebrations, evening tours, historic culinary experiences, and visits to archaeological and historical sites.

This year’s festivities commemorate the 15th anniversary of Hegra’s UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. Hegra, the Nabataean city sprawling over 52 hectares, stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s ancient history, revealing its treasures after being untouched for over 2,000 years.

The festival introduces immersive experiences such as “Hegra After Dark,” providing a history-inspired journey in the shadow of spectacular tombs, and the “Memory Sanctuary,” a multisensory homage to the oasis. New picnic experiences, “Ancestral Hampers” and “Life and Memory Chest,” draw inspiration from the harvest season in the Oasis, offering portable family-friendly hampers and elevated gastronomic feasts.

Additionally, cultural and artistic workshops under the theme “Programmes for Future Ancients” cater to young minds and families, providing interactive activities developed in consultation with archaeologists by the Academy of Ancient Inscriptions.

The Ancient Kingdoms Festival offers visitors the opportunity to explore AlUla’s captivating past and engage with its unique heritage through innovative and thoughtfully designed experiences.

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