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Kuwait Considers Introducing ‘Article 22 Visas’ for Specific Expatriate Categories

In a bid to enhance the demographic strategy and attract skilled professionals, Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior is contemplating the introduction of ‘Article 22 visas,’ also known as family or dependent visas, starting early 2024. According to reliable sources, the initiative will be limited to specific expatriate categories, including doctors, university professors, and counsellors. The eligibility criteria will be determined based on various factors, with the ministry expected to establish a committee to define conditions for expatriate categories allowed to bring their families to Kuwait.

This move aligns with the broader demographic strategy under the leadership of First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al Khaled. The introduction of ‘Article 22 visas’ is part of a cautious reopening for expatriates, focusing on specific groups initially and progressing in stages. The ministry’s decision aims to stabilize the medical workforce and retain vital expertise, particularly among medical staff, consultants, and those with rare specializations.

While rumours circulate on social media about family visas, the sources clarified that the ministry has not yet officially announced any decision regarding the issuance or resumption of these visas, indicating that they currently remain suspended. Additionally, the ministry is reportedly examining a new mechanism for issuing all types of entry visas, taking into account demographic balance and the humanitarian aspect of reuniting expatriates with their families.

As part of the new regulations under consideration, the ministry’s legal department is exploring the possibility of raising the salary requirement for obtaining a family visa from KD500 to KD800 for expatriates in both the public and private sectors. This potential policy shift reflects Kuwait’s commitment to attracting skilled professionals and fostering a demographic balance in the country.

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