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From Paris to Riyadh: Neymar’s Bold Transfer Decision and Leonardo’s Perspective

As indicated by the multiple moves made to Saudi Arabia this summer, circus football is a dynamic sport. Neymar was one of them; he signed with Al-Hilal for €90 million (bonuses excluded). The player’s choice was something Leonardo, who oversaw PSG throughout his time in Paris, sought to explain.

He asserts that while some people may find this move to be uncommon, it is normal, and he uses his own experience of traveling to Japan when he was 24 to demonstrate that Neymar is not the only player to select this unusual location.

“We can only choose to ignore this movement that is going place in Arabia. However, Neymar won’t be the only one traveling to Arabia. I’m not Neymar, but when I was 24 I traveled to Japan. This decision may have been highly dubious, yet it worked out well for me.

He can keep his form if he wants to, even though he competes in a league that we are unfamiliar with. He must continue to play at a high level and maintain his fitness and competitiveness. It’s a sizable movement, in which he felt engaged and elected to take part.

Leonardo emphasizes that star transfers are not an exact science and that success depends on tight cooperation between the players and the club. There will surely be more exciting plays and choices in football in the future.

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