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Empowering Women: Ikram Kerwat’s Message to Young Girls – Be Your Own Hero

Ikram Kerwat’s life reads like a Hollywood screenplay. At the juvenile age of nine, she began boxing to defend her mother from her alcoholic father. In the present, Kerwat has won victories as a three-time world champion.

The German fighter, who is now in Dubai, wants to encourage young people to put down their phones and become involved in boxing while also promoting a better and more active lifestyle.

She told Khaleej Times, “Children these days spend so much time on social media platforms that they start to lose contact with reality. “Please put your phones down and take up the boxing gloves. They must grow as people and adopt a worldview that values their own worth greatly. Boxing is helpful for this.

Ikram stated that she urged young women to quit fantasizing about their prince charming saving them from danger and start being self-sufficient. She replied, “They have to know themselves and have faith in themselves. “I am a lady, a warrior, and the mother of two amazing children. I can manage my life, too. I don’t have to rely on other people. I intend to tell these females that they can take care of themselves without needing anybody else to do it for them.

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