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Exhibition of Rare Books and Ancient Works in Muharraq Showcases Historical Treasures

Historian and poet Mubarak bin Amr Al Amari is hosting an exhibition of invaluable books and ancient artifacts at the Al Amamra Council in Muharraq. The exhibition, which began a week ago and will run until next Saturday, features a vast array of rare books and articles covering a wide range of historical and cultural subjects. This event coincides with the inauguration of the Dar Al Amamra Library for Old Books and Magazines, situated adjacent to the Council. The showcased collection includes books dating back over 150 years, some of which are exceptionally rare and not easily accessible elsewhere in the world. Among the treasures are geography books from 1830 in Malta, pre-World War I magazines, unique poetry collections, early Egyptian and Iraqi newspapers, and a 1969 edition of the Voice of Palestine newspaper, among others. The exhibition aims to offer a diverse and comprehensive cultural experience for enthusiasts, scholars, and art lovers alike.

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