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Emirates Offers Guidance to Passengers Amid Anticipated December Airport Rush

Emirates, the prominent airline based in Dubai, is advising travelers to exercise careful planning for their journeys, taking into account an anticipated surge in departure numbers throughout the month of December. The carrier notes that during most weekends in December, it expects over 75,000 passengers to depart from Dubai International Airport (DXB) each day. Recognizing the heightened travel activity during the festive season, including the UAE National Day and Christmas holidays, Emirates has shared valuable tips to help passengers navigate the expected airport rush.

Some of the key recommendations include arriving at the airport up to three hours before the scheduled flight and being mindful of the boarding time to ensure timely arrival at the departure gate. To facilitate smoother check-in processes, travelers are encouraged to explore various options, including Emirates City Check-In and Travel Store, newly refurbished First and Business Class Check-In areas at DXB, private home check-in services, or remote check-in facilities.

Additionally, passengers are advised to download the Emirates app to access comprehensive flight details, manage bookings, receive flight notifications, pre-order meals in Business Class, and plan inflight entertainment choices. The app also allows passengers to check in online and download a digital boarding pass for most destinations. Emirates emphasizes the convenience of early baggage drop-off, which enables travelers to drop off their luggage at the airport the night before departure at no extra cost.

For those departing from Dubai, there is an option to check in early and drop off luggage 24 hours before departure or 12 hours before departure when flying to the United States. Furthermore, passengers can save time by checking in at designated locations such as the Emirates City Check-In and Travel Store in ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). There is also a 24-hour City Check-In service at Ajman Central Bus Terminal for passengers originating from Ajman.

Special assistance is highlighted for People of Determination, with dedicated support from trained Emirates and airport staff, including a pre-planning guide for Dubai International Airport (DXB) for those with hidden disabilities. This includes two hours of complimentary parking at the airport and access to a dedicated priority lane for check-in, passport control, security, and priority boarding if required.

Emirates underscores the importance of early planning and consideration of these options to enhance the travel experience during the peak period of December departures.

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