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Bahrain Sends Second Aid Shipment to Gaza, Strengthening Humanitarian Efforts

Description: Bahrain has dispatched its second aid shipment to Gaza, demonstrating unwavering support for the Palestinian people. The shipment, consisting of 40 tonnes of medical, food, and relief supplies, will be distributed to hospitals in the Gaza Strip. Mustafa Al Sayed, Secretary General of the Royal Humanitarian Foundation (RHF) and Chief Executive of the National Committee for Supporting the Palestinians in Gaza, commended the leadership’s directives and emphasized the pivotal role of the RHF in this humanitarian endeavor. Further relief aid shipments are planned, with materials transported directly from Cairo to Rafah crossing.

Contributions can still be made through the foundation’s website, bank account, and SMS messages.

Additionally, the Bahraini National Committee for Supporting the Palestinian People in Gaza is actively planning post-aid measures, including development projects for health, education, and livelihood. Notably, a field hospital, a residential complex, and other vital projects are in the pipeline for Gaza’s reconstruction.

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