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Sharjah International Book Festival Showcases Rare Replica of the Golden Qur’an

The Sharjah International Book Festival features a meticulously crafted replica of the Golden Qur’an, a rare manuscript dating back to the 11th or 12th century. Crafted by renowned Persian illuminator Ibn al-Bawwab, this exhibit is a masterwork of Islamic heritage. The original manuscript, housed in the Bavarian State Library in Munich, inspired only ten limited-edition copies. The replica, one of 300, faithfully captures the ancient codex’s size, style, and visual allure. The exhibit showcases the holy text in black Naskh cursive writing on gold-coated paper, adorned with intricate decorations and unique design features.

Florian Strulz, Adeva Rare Collectibles

Unique Features:
Each surah heading is elegantly written in blue, white, and reddish-brown script.
Intricate floral, arabesque patterns, and rosettes in blue and silver separate the verses.
letter size based on mathematical principles, using ‘alif’ as the unit of scale.
originating from Iraq or Iran during the Seljuk Turks’ rule.
made with a palette of colors, including white, brown, crimson, and black.
written by Ibn al-Bawwab with a distinct style characterized by slightly slanting vertical letters.

Note: The first page features a unique arrangement of two surah titles, adding to the Qur’an’s distinctive artistry. Additionally, the elongated Arabic letter’seen’ in the ‘bismillah’ imparts a touch of Ibn al-Bawwab’s distinct style to this revered Qur’an.

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