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Unprecedented Heatwave in Brazil Prompts Red Alerts for Thousands of Towns and Cities

Brazil is experiencing an unprecedented heatwave, leading to red alerts being issued for nearly 3,000 towns and cities across the country. Rio de Janeiro recorded a temperature of 42.5°C, setting a record for November. High humidity levels made it feel like 58.5°C in the city. The heatwave has affected over 100 million people and is expected to continue until at least Friday. Local officials attribute the extreme temperatures to the El Niño phenomenon and climate change. Red alerts indicate temperatures 5°C above average for more than five days, posing serious health risks. The heatwave has led to record energy consumption in Brazil as people seek ways to stay cool.

The city of São Paulo reported average temperatures of 37.3°C on Tuesday afternoon, according to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet). Inmet has issued red alerts for a significant part of the country, emphasizing the potential health hazards associated with prolonged high temperatures. The heatwave’s impact comes more than a month before the official start of summer in the southern hemisphere.

The phenomenon is linked to the ongoing El Niño weather phase, characterized by a rise in global temperatures. Scientists warn that climate change is contributing to more frequent and intense heatwaves worldwide. The trend is expected to continue as long as human activities release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, are a growing concern globally, highlighting the urgent need for climate mitigation and adaptation measures. Governments and communities must prioritize efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and implement strategies to cope with the impacts of climate change.

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