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Saudi Arabia Warns Against Leaving Children Unattended in Vehicles, Imposes Fines for Violations

Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Traffic has issued a stern warning to motorists, emphasizing the importance of not leaving children unattended in vehicles. Under Saudi law, this action is considered a traffic violation, specifically targeting the safety and well-being of children during travel.

The directive highlights that leaving children under the age of ten in a vehicle is subject to fines ranging from 300 riyals to 500 riyals. This measure is part of the ongoing efforts to enhance overall traffic safety and prioritize the protection of children.

Motorists are strongly advised to use safety seats for children, providing an additional layer of protection during travel. The emphasis on child safety aligns with Saudi Arabia’s commitment to safeguarding children’s rights and well-being.

The Public Prosecution underlines the significance of the child protection system, designed to shield children from various forms of abuse, neglect, and potential dangers in their environment. Saudi Arabia, as a developed nation, upholds comprehensive measures and regulations to ensure the safety and welfare of children.

This commitment is demonstrated through initiatives like the Protection from Abuse Law in 2013 and the subsequent enactment of the Child Protection Law. By imposing fines for leaving children unattended in vehicles, Saudi Arabia underscores the importance of responsible and safe practices when it comes to children’s transportation.

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