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Saudi Arabia Takes Strong Measures Against Impersonation Websites

In a bid to counter fraudulent activities, Saudi Arabia has taken decisive action by blocking more than 200 websites that were impersonating the kingdom’s Ministry of Commerce within the last two months. Abdul Rahman Al Hussain, the ministry’s spokesperson, revealed this development at an awareness promotion forum, emphasizing that they combat fraud through continuous proactive monitoring and collaborative efforts with partners.

Al Hussain underscored the critical role of public awareness in recognizing the dangers and risks associated with fraud and deceptive commercial practices. He further stated that awareness campaigns have led to the rectification of over 19,000 commercial establishments, including 2,216 in the Eastern Province, ensuring their compliance with government regulations.

Earlier in February, Al Hussain had announced that commerce authorities had already blocked 22 websites involved in fraudulent activities in the preceding three months, particularly those promoting fake apps designed to defraud consumers.

Recent months have witnessed a series of arrests related to various fraud cases in Saudi Arabia. Notably, an imam from a local mosque was sentenced to five years in prison for charges including fraud, damaging judicial reputation, and breach of trust. Additionally, security authorities apprehended three citizens suspected of defrauding a commercial establishment of SR2.9 million through false impersonation.

This week, Saudi prosecutors reported the dismantling of a 14-member ring involved in suspected fraud, where citizens were enticed to invest in unlicensed digital currencies. This marks the second such incident in around three months within the country.

In July, Saudi prosecutors disclosed the arrest of 12 expatriates and citizens suspected of engaging in online fraud and transferring the illicit gains out of the kingdom. Earlier in the year, Saudi Arabia established a prosecution branch dedicated to expediting procedures related to financial fraud cases.

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