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Saudi Arabia Releases Endangered Animals into Prince Mohammed bin Salman Royal Reserve

The National Centre for Wildlife in Saudi Arabia recently released the first batch of 85 endangered animals into the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Royal Reserve, marking the beginning of the 2023–2024 season. This initiative is part of a national program focused on the reintroduction, rehabilitation, and release of endangered species to enrich biodiversity in the Kingdom.

The Prince Mohammed bin Salman Royal Reserve expanded its conservation efforts by introducing a diverse range of wildlife, including 20 Arabian oryxes, 40 Arabian gazelles, six Nubian ibexes, and six mountain gazelles. Additionally, several rehabilitated birds were released, such as four steppe eagles, four griffon vultures, a lappet-faced vulture, and four pharaoh eagle owls.

This release is a collaboration between the reserve and the National Centre for Wildlife, contributing to the rehabilitation of ecosystems, biodiversity enhancement, and the achievement of national conservation objectives. The initiative aligns with the Saudi Green Programme and the national strategy for environmental conservation, aiming to foster sustainable development, safeguard natural resources, and contribute to global environmental preservation efforts.

The National Centre for Wildlife plays a crucial role in researching the living conditions of these species, monitoring biodiversity in protected areas, utilizing tracking technologies, collecting valuable data, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the potentials and challenges facing nature.

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