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Polish President Stresses Focus on Addressing Root Causes of Migration

Polish President Andrzej Duda emphasized the importance of any future Polish government prioritizing the underlying causes of migration, rather than simply dealing with its consequences. He expressed hope that the situation in the Middle East would serve as a sobering reminder for EU authorities. President Duda emphasized that in the event of another migration wave hitting Europe, Poland would advocate for defending EU borders and addressing the root issues driving migration. He commended the current government’s stance against relocating illegal migrants, asserting that such measures only perpetuate the problem. Duda clarified the distinction between refugees from Ukraine and economic migrants, noting that most intercepted at the Polish border sought to reach Western countries rather than claiming asylum in Poland.

President Duda further criticized the EU’s handling of Poland’s efforts to host Ukrainian refugees, citing a lack of comparable support to that provided to Turkey for Syrian refugees. He voiced discontent with the treatment of Poland, stating that it raised doubts about calls for European solidarity emanating from EU institutions.

Poland, in conjunction with Hungary, opposes the EU migration pact recently passed in the Council of the European Union. The Polish government will seek public input on the pact through a referendum held concurrently with the general election on Oct. 15.


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