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Oman Film Society Hosts Filmmakers Camp to Foster Talent for Batinah Film Festival

Muscat – On Wednesday, a filmmakers camp was hosted in Musannah in collaboration with the Oman Film Society by the Office of the Governor of South Batinah. This program supports the events of the forthcoming Batinah International Film Festival, which will take place from November 12 to November 15.The purpose of the camp, which attracted 28 aspiring filmmakers, was to improve each participant’s short filmmaking technique. The participants were led by seasoned experts, who helped them develop novel abilities and boost their self-confidence in filmmaking.

A session designed to promote creative thought was among the camp’s many varied activities. This discussion was led by Oman Film Society’s Anwar al Ruzaiqi and Fatima al Hanai, directors of media and marketing for the Batinah International Film Festival, with the intention of generating creative ideas for short films.The Office of Governor of Oman has partnered with the Oman Film Society to A session on screenplay writing led by Qaisar al Hinai was one of the camp’s most notable activities. This workshop’s objective was to transform original concepts into gripping short film screenplays.

A photography and cinematography workshop on September 17 and 18 will also be held as part of the camp by Bahraini director Jan al Balushi. Creating quick video sequences will be done by participants in practical workshops.Film editing and utilizing cutting-edge technology are among the topics covered in the camp’s schedule. The parts on September 20 and 21 will be led by Muhammad al Ruqaishi and will instruct viewers on video editing methods with an emphasis on visual effects.The Batinah International Film Festival’s director, Mohammed al Ajmi, emphasized the festival’s significance to Oman’s film industry. It nurtures talent and broadens their reach internationally by acting as a cradle for aspiring filmmakers throughout the sultanate. This goal is carried out via the camp, which covers every facet of filmmaking and directs participants toward cinematic greatness.The festival will screen films made at the camp.

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