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Oman Braces for Heavy Thundershowers and Flash Floods in Multiple Governorates

Oman is preparing for a significant weather event as heavy thundershowers, strong winds, and possible hail are expected to impact several governorates. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued a weather alert, warning residents of Musandam, North Al Batinah, Al Buraimi, Al Dhahira, South Al Batinah, Muscat, Al Dakhylia, North Al Sharqiya, and South Al Sharqiya to exercise caution during the storm. On Thursday, northern areas of the country experienced heavy rainfall, leading to the flow of wadis (valleys). The CAA predicts the heaviest rainfall will occur in the Hajar Mountains and nearby regions, extending to the coast of the Oman Sea. Rainfall is estimated to range from 10 to 50 mm, posing a risk of flash floods in wadi areas. Additionally, strong downdraft winds with speeds of 15 to 45 knots (28-83 km/h) are anticipated, along with reduced horizontal visibility due to dust storms. The public is advised to avoid low-lying areas and to refrain from sailing during this alert period.

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