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NEOM Invests in REGENT’s Electric Seaglider Technology to Revolutionize Sustainable Transportation

NEOM, the ambitious $500 billion city project in Saudi Arabia, has taken a significant step towards realizing its sustainable transportation vision by investing in the American electric seaglider manufacturer, REGENT. NEOM’s investment in REGENT’s Series A funding round signifies its dedication to creating a testbed for cutting-edge technology that propels human progress. This move is in perfect alignment with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, a pivotal component of the nation’s forward-looking agenda.

The electric seagliders hold great promise in reducing carbon emissions, contributing to NEOM’s goal of achieving zero-carbon operations. They are set to play a crucial role in the development of NEOM Mobility’s plan to establish the world’s first truly sustainable, shared, safe, and seamless multi-modal transport system.

The seagliders are poised to transform coastal transportation in NEOM, offering a more sustainable option for both passengers and freight. NEOM’s investment extends beyond financial backing; it includes the establishment of a Middle East Research and Development (R&D) and Training Hub in collaboration with REGENT. This hub aims to nurture seaglider technology and operational readiness.

Additionally, Saudi engineering and tech graduates working with NEOM will have the opportunity for work placements at REGENT starting from 2024, facilitating knowledge exchange and skill development. REGENT is planning on-site testing to ensure the operational readiness of their seagliders by the mid-2020s.

Seagliders are known for their unique combination of aircraft speed and boat-like convenience. They operate on wave-tolerant hydrofoils in harbors and can achieve impressive speeds of up to 180mph (289 kph) over open water, flying just one wingspan above the surface. REGENT’s flagship seaglider, the 12-passenger Viceroy, is poised to revolutionize sustainable transportation with an exceptional customer experience.

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