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Mission Zero: UAE-Based Women Co-Author First Climate Change Book for Kids

A pioneering group of UAE-based women is set to unveil a groundbreaking children’s book on sustainability ahead of COP28. Titled ‘Mission Zero: Solving the Climate Crisis’, the book follows the adventures of young heroes Omar and Sara as they delve into the interconnected realms of food, energy, and water. Co-authored by award-winning climate change strategist Farah Naz and sustainability expert Nahla Nabil, this is the first climate change book by UAE-based authors. The book not only imparts knowledge about climate science but also presents concepts like ‘Race to Zero’ and ‘Race to Resilience’ in an engaging manner. It’s a vital step towards empowering the younger generation with essential knowledge to combat climate change. The book is being published by homegrown publisher Uhibbook, which utilizes AI tools in its design. It’s scheduled for launch at COP28 in November, providing an ideal platform to emphasize the significance of education and awareness in the battle against climate change.

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