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Special Leave Announced for Private Sector on Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

The UAE government has officially declared a public holiday in observance of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) for the private sector. On Friday, September 29, 2023, private sector employees will be granted a paid day off to commemorate this significant religious event.

This holiday aligns the private sector with the public sector, ensuring that both segments of the workforce can observe this important occasion. The additional day off on Friday, in conjunction with the usual weekend break on Saturday and Sunday, results in a delightful three-day weekend for all residents.

The Prophet Muhammad’s birthday holds immense spiritual significance for Muslims worldwide, as it is a time for reflection, prayer, and acts of kindness. It is an occasion for believers to celebrate the life and teachings of the Prophet, who is revered as the final messenger of Islam.

This three-day weekend will be the last extended break of the year, as the National Day holidays are scheduled for December 2 and 3, falling on a Saturday and Sunday. In 2023, residents in the UAE have already enjoyed several long weekends, including a six-day break for the Islamic holiday of Eid Al Adha and a four-day holiday for Eid Al Fitr, further enhancing work-life balance and leisure opportunities.

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