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Leaving pets in the scorching sun is crime under law; Saudi warns, heavy fines imposed

The government of Saudi Arabia has issued warning measures for animal owners on how to treat domestic animals during summer. The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has advised animal owners and herders not to expose their animals to the scorching sun.

This warning has been given to the public as the temperature is high during the current summer season and it will affect the animals.

Therefore, it was also emphasized that the animal welfare policy as stated in the Animal Welfare Act of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) should be adhered to. Also, the ministry has issued a notice to the animal owners to take all precautionary measures to avoid harming the animals.

In view of the rising temperatures, special measures should be taken by permanently providing food and water to protect animals from extreme heat, the ministry’s media center said in a statement.

It requires applying to the Animal Welfare Board to apply animal welfare standards and requirements, properly administering vaccinations, keeping them out of direct sunlight during the summer, and checking on animals at least once a day to make sure they are healthy.

Not only that, the ministry has asked animal owners and caretakers not to leave any animal dependent on humans unattended. If there is a desire to abandon it, the health condition of the animal should be confirmed by a qualified veterinarian through examination and treatment, and measures should be taken in coordination with the competent authority.

The Ministry has clarified that animal cruelty in any manner will be treated as an offense and action will be taken as per law and fine will be imposed on the particular person. It is also worth noting that it has been ordered to monitor how animals are treated in many parts of the country.

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