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Humanitarian Crisis Escalates in Gaza as Conditions Deteriorate

The situation in Gaza remains extremely dire. Since the attacks by Hamas on October 7, there has been a cycle of retaliatory strikes by Israel in the Gaza Strip. This has led to a significant humanitarian crisis. Living conditions for civilians in Gaza have worsened dramatically. Medicine, food, water, and fuel are running out, and hundreds of thousands of desperate civilians have sought shelter in UNRWA facilities.

The delivery of international aid has been hampered by destroyed and obstructed streets, and Israel has placed restrictions on aid deliveries to prevent supplies from reaching Hamas. Reports suggest that Israel is particularly concerned about the use of fuel supplies for military purposes.

Internet and phone services in Gaza have experienced disruptions due to intense bombings, making communication and coordination for aid groups more challenging. Inhabitants are struggling to access clean drinking water, relying on scarce and often contaminated sources.

The fuel shortage is affecting Gaza’s power supply, with hospitals requiring fuel to operate standby generators. Hospitals are also running low on medicine, pain medication, and other essential supplies. People seeking shelter from shelling are further straining already overwhelmed facilities.

Transportation in Gaza is also severely affected, with a lack of available gas for cars. Many are resorting to alternative means such as walking, using horses, mules, or donkey carts.

The situation in Gaza continues to be a critical humanitarian crisis, with urgent need for international assistance and a call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

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