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Bahrain to Host ISF Gymnasiade 2024, Elevating the Middle East in School Sports

The International School Sports Federation (ISF) Gymnasiade 2024, set to take place in Bahrain next October, is poised to transcend the realm of sports. This global event promises to foster education and cultural exchange among youth from across the world, according to ISF President Laurent Petrynka. He emphasized the broader significance of the Gymnasiade, stating, “This is not just about sport; it is also about education and cultural exchanges between young generations from all around the globe.” Petrynka also commended Bahrain for its pioneering role in hosting this major event in the Middle East, emphasizing the commitment to the region.

The ISF Gymnasiade 2024 project has achieved significant progress, with 80% of the workload completed one year before the event’s commencement. This advancement was unveiled during a press conference at the American University Auditorium in Bahrain. Ishaq Abdullah Ishaq, Chairman of the Executive LOC for ISF Gymnasiade 2024, presented the progress report to the attending ministerial and international officials, emphasizing that “Now we have only one year, and the countdown starts today.”

Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, Cabinet Affairs Ministry Under-Secretary and Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) vice president, highlighted the event’s strategic importance in maintaining Bahrain’s position on the global sports destination map. Over the course of its 50-year history, ISF has been dedicated to advancing education through sports, supporting the physical and mental well-being of the younger generation. The success of ISF events has been reliant on partnerships with governments, schools, and sports federations worldwide.

The ISF Gymnasiade stands as the largest school sports event worldwide, with participation from over 5,000 students representing 80 countries and competing in 25 different sports. Scheduled for October 23–31, 2024, in Bahrain, the event is set to be a monumental celebration of sport, education, and cultural exchange.

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