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Arab League Condemns Israeli Scorched Earth Policy in Gaza Strip, Urges International Action

In a powerful statement, the Arab League has decried the Israeli occupation’s implementation of a scorched earth policy in Gaza. The League emphasizes that this strategy, marked by the deliberate destruction of critical infrastructure, aims to render Palestinian territories uninhabitable, forcing surrender through despair and punishment. Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit highlighted that Israel’s relentless targeting of water stations, drainage networks, and hospitals in Gaza is not only a violation of international humanitarian law but also a grave injustice against the Palestinian people. He called on the international community to take a stand against these flagrant war crimes and ensure the protection of civilian lives and vital resources.

Aboul Gheit emphasized that the deliberate destruction of water infrastructure is a breach of international protocols and statutes, including the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. He stressed that water is a fundamental human right, essential for life, stability, and development, and using it as a weapon constitutes a gross violation of international law. The Secretary-General urged global leaders to hold Israel accountable for these actions and work towards a just and lasting resolution for the Palestinian people.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing crisis, Aboul Gheit applauded the efforts of the Arab Water Experts Network and their invaluable contributions to assessing the dire state of Gaza’s water sector. He highlighted that the findings, submitted to the Arab League in July 2022, underscore the urgency of the situation. The Secretary-General called on the international community to recognize the gravity of this humanitarian crisis and take meaningful steps to alleviate the suffering of the people of Gaza.

Furthermore, Aboul Gheit commended the significance of the Cairo Water Week 2023 conference in advancing joint Arab initiatives in the field of water resources. He emphasized that this event serves as a crucial platform for fostering regional cooperation and addressing pressing challenges. Additionally, he noted the importance of preparatory meetings for the upcoming Global Water Forum, underlining the pivotal role of such international forums in driving progress and facilitating vital dialogues on water-related issues.

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