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Woman Sentenced to Jail and Fast Food Job After Assaulting Chipotle Worker

A woman who assaulted a Chipotle worker by throwing hot food in her face has been sentenced by Judge Timothy Gilligan in Parma, Ohio. Rosemary Hayne, caught on video berating and attacking Chipotle employee Emily Russell, faced misdemeanor assault charges. The judge gave Hayne a choice between a 90-day jail sentence or a 30-day jail term combined with 60 days working in a fast food job.

The incident, which occurred on September 5, sparked the judge’s decision to offer a unique sentence aimed at teaching empathy and respect. Hayne pleaded guilty to the assault charges, and during the hearing, Judge Gilligan expressed his frustration at such cases, citing a previous incident where a customer assaulted a McDonald’s employee over a missing cookie in a Happy Meal.

Hayne’s attorney, Joseph O’Malley, viewed the sentence as an opportunity for his client to learn from the experience and not be defined by a momentary loss of temper. Chipotle emphasized its commitment to employee safety, supporting the court’s decision, while the victim, Emily Russell, reported ongoing stress and trauma, leading her to leave her job at Chipotle.

Judge Gilligan hopes the sentence will offer a chance for reflection and personal growth, allowing Hayne to understand the impact of her actions and learn how people should treat each other. The unique sentencing approach aims to provide a meaningful consequence while addressing the root cause of the behavior.

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