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Weather Update: Fair Conditions Expected in the UAE with Possible Light Rainfall

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has forecast fair to partly cloudy weather across the UAE. While conditions are generally clear, there is a chance of convective clouds forming in some eastern areas, possibly leading to light rainfall. Additionally, humidity is expected to increase during the night and Monday morning, raising the likelihood of fog or mist in certain internal and coastal areas.

The overall weather in the UAE is anticipated to be fair to partly cloudy, providing residents with clear conditions.Some eastern areas may experience the formation of convective clouds, potentially leading to light rainfall. This adds a dynamic element to the weather, offering a chance of precipitation in specific regions.

Nighttime and Monday morning are expected to be more humid, with a probability of fog or mist formation in certain internal and coastal areas. This atmospheric phenomenon can influence visibility and atmospheric conditions in affected areas.Temperatures are forecast to drop to 21°C in Abu Dhabi and 23°C in Dubai during the reporting period. Both emirates are expected to experience a high of 30°C.

Light to moderate winds are anticipated during this period, contributing to the overall atmospheric conditions. These winds are expected to be mild, providing a comfortable environment.The sea is forecasted to be slight in both the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea. These conditions suggest relatively calm seas with mild wave activity.

Residents in the UAE can expect fair weather conditions with the possibility of light rainfall in specific areas. The increase in humidity during the night and Monday morning, along with the potential for fog or mist, highlights the varied atmospheric conditions in different parts of the country. As always, the NCM provides essential updates to help residents stay informed about the evolving weather patterns in the region.

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