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UAE’s Integrated Field Hospital in Gaza Commences Operations to Provide Critical Medical Services

In a significant humanitarian effort, the Emirati integrated field hospital in Gaza has initiated its treatment services, aiming to alleviate the healthcare challenges faced by the people of the Gaza Strip. This initiative is part of the UAE’s ongoing commitment to support the Palestinian population and strengthen the health system in Gaza, which is currently grappling with exceptional and critical circumstances.

Supervised by an Emirati medical team, the field hospital boasts a capacity of over 150 beds, constituting a crucial component of the “Gallant Knight 3” operation designed to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. The hospital is equipped with surgical operating rooms capable of conducting various surgeries, including general, paediatric, and vascular procedures. It also features intensive care units for both adults and children, an anaesthesia department, and specialized clinics covering internal medicine, dentistry, orthopedics, psychiatry, family medicine, paediatrics, and gynaecology. The facility is complemented by a CT scan unit, a state-of-the-art laboratory, a pharmacy, and additional medical support services.

The medical personnel at the Emirati field hospital in Gaza consist of specialized and qualified professionals across various medical disciplines, along with dedicated medical volunteers. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had previously announced the arrival of the UAE field hospital into the southern Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing, underscoring the UAE’s commitment to providing crucial medical support to the Palestinian community in the region. This initiative stands as a testament to the UAE’s ongoing efforts to contribute to the well-being and healthcare infrastructure of the Gaza Strip.

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