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UAE Announces Revised Fuel Prices for November 2023

The UAE’s fuel price committee has released the updated petrol and diesel rates for November 2023, effective from the 1st of the month. The adjustments are as follows:

Super 98 petrol: Dh3.03 per litre (down from Dh3.44 in October)
Special 95 petrol: Dh2.92 per litre (compared to Dh3.33 last month)
E-Plus 91 petrol: Dh2.85 per litre (a decrease from Dh3.26 in October)
Diesel: Dh3.42 per litre (compared to Dh3.57 in the previous month)

These adjustments reflect ongoing changes in global oil prices and are implemented to ensure fairness and stability in the local fuel market.

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