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Travel Trends for UAE Residents in 2024: Cost, Short-Haul Trips, and Tech Savvy

A survey conducted by travel website booking.com has revealed several travel trends for UAE residents in 2024. The findings indicate that 70% of UAE residents are looking to reduce the cost of their vacations by choosing destinations where day-to-day life is more affordable than in their home city or opting for less far-flung places to avoid the expenses associated with long-haul flights.

Key trends identified in the survey:

1. Cost Consideration: Many UAE residents prioritize cost when selecting travel destinations. Travelers are seeking places where the overall cost of living is lower than in the UAE. The survey reflects a common approach among expatriates and residents to manage travel expenses carefully.

2. Preference for Short-Haul Trips: The appeal of short-haul trips is evident, with travelers showing a willingness to pay for short-term luxury experiences upon reaching their destination. Approximately 62% of UAE-based holidaymakers are open to paying for a day pass for a five-star resort instead of staying for an extended period.

3. Choice of Cooler Climates: The survey indicates that 75% of UAE travelers prefer cooler climates when planning their trips. This aligns with the global trend of travelers seeking destinations with more moderate temperatures.

4. Off-Peak Season Travel: To reduce holiday expenses, 56% of UAE residents plan to take vacations outside peak travel seasons. Additionally, more than half (56%) are considering taking their children out of school during the academic session to stretch their travel budget.

5. Tech Savvy Travelers: The survey highlights the tech-savvy nature of UAE travelers, with 60% expressing trust in artificial intelligence (AI) to plan every aspect of their trip. This suggests a high level of reliance on technology for travel planning.

As travel preferences and priorities continue to evolve, these trends provide insights into the considerations and choices of UAE residents when it comes to planning their vacations in 2024.

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