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Omani Cultural and Historical Achievements Listed in UNESCO Programme

The recent listing of Jibreen Fort and Omani historian and poet Humaid bin Mohammed bin Ruzaiq in the UNESCO programme for celebrating the 50th or centennial anniversary of important historic events and personalities with global influence marks a significant achievement for Oman in the intellectual and cultural domains.

Key points and insights:

  1. Cultural Significance: The inclusion of Jibreen Fort and Humaid bin Mohammed bin Ruzaiq in the UNESCO programme holds immense cultural significance for Oman. It reflects the rich heritage and history of the Sultanate, showcasing its contributions to human civilization.
  2. Communication with Civilizations: Oman’s history is characterized by active communication with various civilizations, contributing to the creation of diverse heritage and cultures. The UNESCO listing acknowledges and preserves these cultural elements for present and future generations.
  3. Intellectual and Cultural Milestone: The listing of Omani cultural and heritage elements in UNESCO programs represents a major intellectual and cultural milestone. It serves as a testament to Oman’s commitment to preserving its history and showcasing its cultural heritage on the global stage.
  4. Message to the World: The UNESCO listing sends a message to the world about Oman’s deep-rooted history and cultural wealth. It highlights the Sultanate’s efforts to share its cultural treasures and heritage with the global community.
  5. Omani Personalities in UNESCO World Heritage List: Oman has previously listed five scholars in the UNESCO world heritage list, including prominent figures such as Al Khalil bin Ahmed Al Farahidi, Rashid bin Omaira Al Rustaqi, Nooruddin Al Salmi, Ahmed bin Majid, and Ibn Ruzaiq. These personalities contribute to Oman’s international influence.
  6. Preservation and Enhancement: The listing of cultural and heritage elements in the UNESCO program contributes to the preservation of Oman’s heritage and enhances its cultural value. It acknowledges the historical contributions made by Omani personalities in various fields.
  7. Celebration of Omani Personalities: Oman has designated February 10 every year for celebrating Omani personalities listed with UNESCO. This date coincides with the Sultanate’s joining UNESCO in 1972. The celebration includes research competitions, seminars, and events to honor these influential figures.
  8. Youth Engagement: The hope is that the UNESCO listing will open the eyes of Omani youth to their deep-rooted heritage. There is a call for preserving and incorporating these achievements into school curriculums and naming streets in their memory.

Oman’s commitment to showcasing its cultural treasures aligns with global efforts to recognize and preserve the diverse heritage that contributes to the collective history of humanity.

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