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Tragic Demise of Filipina Domestic Worker in Saudi Arabia Sparks Investigation and Calls for Justice

The sudden and tragic passing of 32-year-old Filipina domestic worker, Marjorette Garcia, in Saudi Arabia has prompted investigations by both Philippine and Saudi authorities. Garcia, who was set to return home upon the conclusion of her contract, was found with multiple stab wounds, though the precise circumstances leading to her demise remain unclear.

Garcia’s family last heard from her on September 14, noting that she seemed content during their conversation. However, when contact was lost the following day, concern began to mount. After three days of silence, the family initiated inquiries with her friends and turned to social media for answers. Tragically, they received news of Marjorette’s passing only on September 27, leaving them shocked and searching for answers.

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) has pledged to extend comprehensive support to Garcia’s family during this difficult period. The DMW, in collaboration with the Philippine Embassy and local authorities, is actively involved in the ongoing investigation. A suspect, who is reportedly not of Filipino origin, has been apprehended. While early indications suggest the suspect may have been a co-worker, authorities await the results of the inquiry.

Both nations are coordinating closely to ascertain the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident. Once the investigation concludes, Saudi Arabia will facilitate the necessary documentation for Marjorette’s repatriation to the Philippines.

The tragic loss of Marjorette Garcia highlights the critical importance of safeguarding the welfare and rights of overseas Filipino workers, and reinforces the need for a thorough investigation to ensure justice is served.

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