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The gang extorts money by sending messages claiming that the parcel has arrived.. Oman authorities have warned

The habit of ordering and buying products online is increasing among people. Most of the people follow this mode of shopping because they don’t need to go to the store and it comes directly to their home.

But cyber crime gangs use this to their advantage. The above incident is reported to be increasing in Oman.

People are advised not to believe messages from courier companies saying that your courier package is with us because you have not paid the customs fees due. Similar cases of courier service scams have been reported in Oman and other parts of the Middle East.

According to information technology security firm Kaspersky, this method of fraud is being used to obtain information such as credit cards from people.

Many people in Oman have reported receiving emails or phone calls from similar bogus courier services. Some people have paid money on this. In messages like this, they send along with the link.

When people click on that link, it takes them to another site where they steal people’s bank account details and passwords and extort money from them.

Therefore, if messages like this are received, people are first asked to call the customer care number and inquire whether it is really from the courier company and then take appropriate action.

The government has requested people to handle this with extra care as online services are increasing now. You are requested to inform the police immediately if your money is stolen in any such fraudulent manner.

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