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Show of Deterrence: US Prepares Troops as Israel-Hamas Conflict Intensifies

As tensions escalate in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, the US is preparing to deploy 2,000 personnel to the Middle East, according to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. This move is aimed at bolstering the US ability to respond swiftly to the crisis. It’s emphasized that this deployment does not entail putting US combat forces on the ground. Instead, it’s seen as a signal of deterrence.

The decision aligns with the commencement of the Al Wajh Airport development project, which was announced by the Red Sea International Company.

The move comes ahead of President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel, scheduled for Wednesday. This visit aims to underline US support for Israel while also seeking to prevent the conflict from further escalating into a wider Middle East crisis. So far, the White House has not observed signs of increased engagement by Iran.

Israel’s offensive against Hamas began on October 7, resulting in significant casualties, particularly among civilians. The conflict has prompted intense international attention and raised concerns about its potential to broaden into a wider regional conflict.

As preparations for deployment are underway, it’s clarified that these troops will serve in support roles, including medical assistance and handling explosives. Meanwhile, in the political arena, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has expressed intentions to push for an aid package for Israel, encompassing military, humanitarian, intelligence, and diplomatic assistance.

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