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Shift in American Public Opinion: Majority Calls for Ceasefire and Negotiations in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The recent Reuters/Ipsos poll reveals a notable shift in American public opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, indicating a growing call for de-escalation and a shift towards a more balanced approach. A substantial 68% of Americans believe that Israel “should call a ceasefire and try to negotiate” with Hamas, showcasing widespread opposition to the ongoing military operations in Gaza. This sentiment is shared by approximately three-quarters of Democrats and half of Republicans, illustrating broad support for diplomatic solutions.

In terms of the role the United States should play in the conflict, only 32% of respondents believe that “the U.S. should support Israel.” This marks a significant decrease from the 41% who expressed such support in a poll conducted just a month earlier. Notably, there is a growing inclination towards neutrality, with 39% of respondents advocating for the U.S. to be a “neutral mediator.” This represents a clear departure from the earlier poll, where only 27% held this view, indicating a shift towards a more balanced and impartial stance.

The poll, conducted among 1,006 U.S. adults, sheds light on varying opinions regarding the level of U.S. involvement. Only 4% of respondents support U.S. backing for Palestinians, while 15% believe the U.S. should not be involved at all. These figures align with the previous poll’s findings, emphasizing a consistent trend.

This changing dynamic in public opinion contrasts with President Joe Biden’s approach, as he refrains from endorsing calls for pressuring Israel into a ceasefire, emphasizing the need to minimize civilian casualties. The data also reveals nuanced views within Congress, reflecting an ongoing debate on military assistance to Israel, especially among progressive members raising questions about the conditions for aid.

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