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Saudi Arabia Launches First Voluntary Virtual School for Underprivileged Children

In a groundbreaking initiative, the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia has inaugurated the Kingdom’s inaugural voluntary virtual school, catering specifically to orphans and children from families receiving support from Al Bir Society. The announcement coincided with the International Volunteer Day celebration, with the Secretary-General of Al Bir Society present at the launch.

Faisal Al Misnad, General Supervisor of Volunteer Work at Al Bir Society in Sharqia, underscored the school’s commitment to underprivileged children. The virtual school aims to deliver continuous education and developmental opportunities, with a particular focus on students in fourth to sixth grade, covering subjects such as mathematics and English.

The school’s approach emphasizes innovative strategies for social and psychological interaction, departing from traditional teaching methods. Al Misnad highlighted the importance of community partnerships in realizing the society’s goals and expressed plans to expand collaboration with the Ministry of Education in the future, acknowledging its pivotal role in the success of this unique initiative.

The voluntary virtual school will involve specialized volunteer teachers equipped to transform the concept into a pioneering and qualitative reality, offering educational opportunities to a segment of the population facing unique challenges. This initiative reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to leveraging technology and community engagement for the betterment of society, particularly in education.

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