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Revolutionize Your Transport Experience: RTA’s Smart Kiosks Offer 28 Digital Services!

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has introduced a new generation of smart kiosks, equipped with advanced features and modern designs, to enhance the ease and accessibility of their services. These kiosks offer a total of 28 different digital services related to vehicle licensing, drivers, parking, nol (public transport) card, and revenue management services.

Available 24/7, the smart kiosks cater to a wide range of needs for the public, including vehicle registration card renewal, payment of parking fees or fines, and recharging nol cards for public transportation. The kiosks are designed to accept various payment methods, including cash, credit card, and NFC technology via smartphones.

Each kiosk is equipped with a large interactive screen, a fingerprint sensor for secure transactions, slots for credit/debit card or Emirates ID insertion, an NFC tapping unit, and a keypad for manual entry of card details. This ensures a seamless and secure experience for users.

To make these services accessible to all, including people with disabilities, the smart kiosks have been strategically installed in 21 locations across Dubai. These locations include RTA’s main building, customer happiness centers, main service provider centers, and vital spots throughout the emirate.

The project is aligned with the Dubai government’s directives and the objectives of the Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart Government Programme, which aim to enhance government services, customer satisfaction, and international best practices in service delivery.

The smart kiosks also come with an automated and intelligent performance monitoring feature. This allows for continuous monitoring of the kiosks’ performance, ensuring the provision of effective and high-quality services around the clock.

The project to upgrade and expand the smart kiosks was initiated in 2021. Since then, it has seen high demand and success in serving the community, leading to an expansion in both the number of kiosks and their locations. This expansion included the addition of eight new kiosks in six locations and the upgrade of 24 existing ones. Overall, the smart kiosks project stands as a testament to RTA’s commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of customer experience and service accessibility.

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